On this page you will find all the relevant information regarding your upcoming trip to the Faroe Islands. We look forward to our collaboration and to welcoming you in the Faroe Islands. 


The contents of images posted on @visitfaroeislands must be in accordance with the laws of the Faroe Islands.


Since we are an official visit board, it is of high importance that we only support projects that in no way put people at risk, and who don’t encourage future visitors to put themselves at risk. This means: No pictures of people standing close to an edge, reckless jumping or running or any other forms of risky posing (use your common sense).


Camping or lighting fires in the wild, trespassing on private property, illegal flying of drones and more.


We have a lot of images from the same places and of the same angles; these include Gásadalur, the lighthouse on Kalsoy, Sørvágsvatn, Gjógv, Drangarnir, Fossá and others which we will communicate later if needed. You are welcome to go there on your own but Visit Faroe Islands does not need any more photos of these areas for our database.


Visit Faroe Islands must ask all photographers associated with us to refrain from trespassing in the village Saksun. Most people are unaware of the fact that the little village almost consists entirely of private property, and so the majority of the popular pictures on Instagram have actually been taken by people who are trespassing. This is something that has been going on for some time and Visit Faroe Islands has not posted pictures of Saksun on our account for over two years now, but we´ve also been asked to ask photographers to stay away from the area all together. We are very sorry about this, it is certainly not ideal, but it is unfortunately outside of our control. I hope you understand.

DRONE REGULATIONS If you would like to know more about drone regulations in the Faroe Islands, please see this page of our website information-2/drones/

TYPE OF IMAGES We urge you to be true to your style of photography. We also hope that out of the images you offer us, some will display more than just interesting landscapes, but also reflect that there is life in the Faroe Islands too. The elements that can bring this into the picture could be a sheep, a bird, bird eggs or any otheranimal. It could also be a person or just the person’s lunch bag with the landscape in the background, or a tent set up out in the wilderness. We know you can take great landscape photos, we just hope that some of the images will have a feeling of life too.


The images you supply us, where some of them might be taken in vertical format, please supply us with a horizontal version also. That is because our webpage and other places where your images may be used, usually works better with horizontal format.

LOCATION The team at Visit Faroe Islands is always ready to help you with inspiration or finding the best spots. Simply contact us and we will assist you. INSTAGRAM Any image you post on your Instagram account from your sponsored trip to the Faroe Islands has to have the “Faroe Islands” tagged in the picture, and the text must include these hashtags: #FaroeIslands #VisitFaroeIslands #AtlanticAirways

INSTAGRAM TAKEOVER We hope you will do us the honor of doing a takeover of Visit Faroe Islands’ account. The takeover could be anywhere from 2 to 7 days and be scheduled for when it suits both parties the best. The takeover will show your perspective of your trip to the Faroe Islands while every picture is posted to @visitfaroeislands by us. You are most welcome to respond to any comments on the posts with your own account. If you are left with any questions after having read through these guidelines, please do not hesitate to ask.

INSTAGRAM TAKEROVER DURATION During your 2-7 day takeover we expect you to include a minimum of 1 image a day and maximum of 2 images a day.

INSTAGRAM SEND US THE IMAGES Unless we have already discussed which images to include, you select the photos for your takeover yourself. These should all be emailed to us ahead of time. To avoid us having to modify your work, please make sure the photos are formatted as such: Landscape image: 1080 x 566 Portrait image: 1080 x 1350 If we do not receive the images in one of these prescribed formats, we will have to crop them ourselves, and your work might not look as you have intended. The photos should be numbered so that we can see the order to post them in, as well as separated by day. For example, they could be named as such: “Day1Photo1”, “Day1Photo2” etc. This should be accompanied by a separate document with captions arranged to match the titles of the picture

 INSTAGRAM WHEN TO SEND Please send us the images as soon as possible. We prefer to have everything scheduled for our takeovers a month in advance at the latest. This ensures plenty of time to work everything out so that both parties as satisfied with how the takeover is set up. Please note that you will not receive any possible reimbursements until you have sent us the content.

INSTAGRAM IMAGE RESOLUTION The images must be sent to us in high resolution. There are several methods for this, such as uploading everything to Google docs, transferring them to us by WeTransfer or just your own preferred way. Send all images to: and INSTAGRAM REPOST IMAGE Feel free to re-use images you have already used on your account for this takeover for @visitfaroeislands.

INSTAGRAM CAPTIONS In our experience, our followers respond well when you write a short text that matches the picture. A short description of what the image shows is always nice. You are free to write whatever comes to mind. If you want to personalize the description to give the follower a sense of the photographer, you are more than welcome to do so. Please send the captions to us either by email or in a separate Word document with numbers that correspond with the numbered images, as explained above. It would be helpful to us if you could include the location in the pictures, to the best of your knowledge. Then we will include the geotag, as well as tag you in every post. Visit Faroe Islands has full rights to edit the captions to suit our style of language and to make corrections on factual errors and spelling.


All of your captions should include these hashtags at the end: #FaroeIslands #VisitFaroeIslands We do not want the post itself clustered with numerous hashtags. Instead, we will post the first comment on the image with additional hashtags, as this has proved to work well in the past. The first one of these hashtags must be: #AtlanticAirways After this, you may include any that you feel will work well for your collection of photos. These are some examples: #passionpassport #beautifuldestinations #cntraveler #landscapephotography You are welcome to include additional relevant hashtags for the comment field, but please stay away from generic hashtags such as #travel or #beautiful. INSTAGRAM STORIES We welcome stories on our account! Our followers love getting an inside look into the trips of photographers visiting the Faroe Islands. This can be in the form of both pictures and videos. You can include behind-the-scenes footage from photoshoots, hikes, pictures you’d like our followers to be able to screenshot, or anything in between. Feel free to get creative! Story material should be sent along with the official takeover images and captions. It would be helpful if you show us how you would like them tagged. One way of doing this is to take a screenshot where you have set the story image or video up yourself, followed by another image without the tags/location so that we can make an identical version when we post it. Please clarify which day you would like which stories to be posted.


We and our followers on social medias have already seen tons of images of the usual few locations that everyone takes a photo of. What we would prefer you to help us with is to give us images of locations with more life! Examples include people, your lunchbox, feet, a sheep or other things that make the pictures come alive, as well as images of events and activities. Among the locations we lack images from are Tórshavn (the capital), the island of Nólsoy, Hestur, Fugloy, Svínoy, Sandoy, Skúvoy and Suðuroy. Among the many activities we lack images of is of people fishing, farming, camping, dining, shopping and other daily life situations in towns and villages.


If you are interested then you are welcome to do a takeover of Visit Faroe Islands Snapchat account during your stay. Just let us know if you are interested and we will send you further details.

SIMCARD A 3G/4G SIM card (which you will need) can be bought in several stores throughout the Faroe Islands. Visit Faroe Islands will refund you the cost for the SIM card for up to 150 DKK. This gives you a 3G/4G card that provides internet access in all of the large villages.


Hotels, bars, coffee places and many of the public areas in the Faroe Islands offer free Wi-Fi. If you choose to buy your own 3G / 4G SIM card, we can refund you up to 150 DKK. Just remember to save the receipt and send it to us as a PDF attachment. If you do not provide the receipt, we will not be able to refund you for the SIM card. The 150 DKK is enough for a 3G/4G SIM card that gets you Internet access in all large villages throughout the Faroe Islands, and later this year you’ll be able to get a 4G LTE connection almost everywhere in the Faroe Islands.


You are responsible for your own travel insurance.


Visit Faroe Islands and our partners are to be allowed to use the images in our work to promote the Faroe Islands as a tourist destination. All other purpose, eg. use that is not related to our work needs to collect further rights from you. Visit Faroe Islands respects and honors your work and we aim at, whenever possible, to credit you and your works whenever we use one of them. But there might be situations, on websites or places like on Twitter, where we cannot always guarantee this crediting, although we will try our best.


We at Visit Faroe Islands look forward to welcoming you to the Faroe Islands, and we will take care of all the agreed upon bookings for you. Send us your preferred travel dates, your full names as stated in your passport and we will take care of the rest for you. Email all relevant booking information to our office assistant Olivia D. Fríðfinsdóttir:


We will refund the agreed upon expenses of yours within few days as soon as we have received all of your relevant receipts and after we have received your images.